Aerodocs - Document Manager

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Revolutionize the way you manage your Documents.

Easily access your important documents anytime, anywhere with our powerful document manager. Say goodbye to cluttered folders and hello to efficient file organization with our document manager.

Securely store and manage your Documents:

  1. Advance Search Options

    Allow you to search by name, tags, fields, and content to quickly find the documents you need

  2. Safe & Secure Vault

    Keep your confidential documents safe and encrypted in app so that no any other app can find it.

  3. High-Speed Document Scan

    Allows for quick and easy scanning of multiple pages at once.

  4. Cloud Integration

    Sync documents to a cloud storage service for backup, easy access and sharing

  5. Entity Extraction

    Analyse and extract meaningful informations from your documents for easy access like Contact Details, IDs, Address and more.

it is not just ends there... Here are some other tools :

  1. Notes & To-do list

    Store your important sticky informations in notes and multi-level to-do list with cloud backup

  2. Secret Manager

    In-app store & manage your passwords and secrets. Comes with helpful tools like password generator.

  3. 2FA Integration

    Attach your 2-step verification for your cloud backup to add extra layer of security.

Every options you look for sharing :

  1. Multi MIME Support

    Share documents as images, PDF and also in its native aerodocs format

  2. Selective Share from Multipage

    Share selected part or pages from the documents as images or pdf.

  3. Encrypted PDFs

    Allow you to import and export encrypted password protected pdfs.

& much more. Hope you like the app.